Subversion 1.2.0 Release Candidate 2 released.

I’m a little behind on this one, but on April 25, the Subversion team announced the release of Subversion 1.2.0 release candidate 2.

Since I’m so late in getting this up here, the Win32 binaries are also available, according to this announcement on the mailing list.

If you are curious as to the changes in 1.2.0, check out the release notes.

For downloads, you can pull binaries and source from the project download area.

Subversion 1.2 Release Candidate 1 released

The Subversion team has released the first release candidate of the 1.2 product. Detailed release notes are also available, explaining the new features.

The features explained in summary in the release notes include:

  • new locking feature (exclusive locks)
  • full WebDAV autoversioning
  • faster binary decompression
  • a large number of improved API’s

You can find the source tarball on the download site. View the actual announcement on the announcement mailing list archive.

It looks like the official Subversion Source Repository is already running this version.

Subversion 1.1.4 released.

It was announced yesterday that version 1.1.4 of the Subversion Version Control System has been released. According to the announcement, the following changes were made for this release:

Version 1.1.4
(1 April 2005, from /branches/1.1.x)

– Client:
* fixed: win32 not ignoring versioned symlinks (issue #2173)
* fixed: ‘svn merge’ can cause broken working copy (issue #2222)
* fixed: ‘svn commit’ fails when schedule-delete dir has local mod (r11980)
* fixed: ‘svn st -u nonexistent_file’ segfault (issue #2127)
* fixed: ‘svn cp wc wc’ utf8 conversion error (r13111)
* fixed: confusing error message about “wc not locked” (issue #2174)
* many translation updates for localized client messages

– Server:
* fixed: nasty (though unusual) performance bug in FSFS commits (r13222-3)
* fixed: FSFS memory leak when auto-merging large tree (r13193)
* fixed: FSFS memory leak in ‘svnadmin hotcopy’ (r13218, 13465, 13468)
* fixed: FSFS segfault when encountering empty data reps (r13683)
* fixed: two dataloss bugs in svndumpfilter (r12630, r12636)
* fixed: wasteful memory usage in svndumpfilter (r12637, r12640)
* fixed: mod_dav_svn segfaults when client sends bogus paths (issue #2199)

– Both:
* fixed: (win32) retry file operation if sharing violation (r12983, r12986)

* add SWIG 1.3.24 and .25 compatibility (r12551, r12717-9, r12722, r13504)
* make work on win32 (r12499, r12542, r12670)
* fixed: JavaHL run-time link error (r12576), path/url cleanups (r13090)
* fixed: python bindings log_receiver failure with SWIG 1.3.24 (r13487)
* build system tweaks: add install dependencies for fs & fs_base (r11050)

You can get the source tarballs for this release from the download area.

SourceForge to Offer Subversion Service

Sourceforge has announced that the work is under way to offer Subversion as a service on the site.

An excerpt from the strategic projects document follows:

Subversion Service: The research, analysis, and support gear-up needed to implement a Subversion service at is now in progress. As with all services, extensive analysis and testing must be performed to verify suitable levels of stability and scalability before a service can be rolled-out. We are expecting the initial phases of this effort to last several weeks, to be followed by the implementation of a testing environment which will be used for a live beta test by specific selected projects. Pending successful scalability testing, service details will be finalized and service will be offered to all projects. (Last updated: 2005-03-02 Pacific)

SVK 0.30 Install for Windows Available

An installer for SVK 0.30 for Windows is available here. This is not a standalone .EXE file, but an installer for the SVK tool.

Some caveats from looking at it briefly this morning:

  • Make sure you have Subversion installed. I thought I had installed it already on my Windows XP machine – but I was wrong.
  • I was unable to authenticate with my SSL WebDAV server through SVK. I had to execute an svn ls https://blah.blah.blah in order to authenticate properly. Once I did this, I was able to create a mirror and sync to it.

I’m not sure if this is the “official” version of the Windows install, but it is one that is available for those who want to start running 0.30.