SourceForge to Offer Subversion Service

Sourceforge has announced that the work is under way to offer Subversion as a service on the site.

An excerpt from the strategic projects document follows:

Subversion Service: The research, analysis, and support gear-up needed to implement a Subversion service at is now in progress. As with all services, extensive analysis and testing must be performed to verify suitable levels of stability and scalability before a service can be rolled-out. We are expecting the initial phases of this effort to last several weeks, to be followed by the implementation of a testing environment which will be used for a live beta test by specific selected projects. Pending successful scalability testing, service details will be finalized and service will be offered to all projects. (Last updated: 2005-03-02 Pacific)

7 thoughts on “SourceForge to Offer Subversion Service

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  5. I think you have been mislead. Sourceforge has taken away all references to Subversion on the page you refer to, and they refuse to answer any questions about when it will be available. Given how easy this ought to be for them to put in place, and the fact that they supposedly started this at least 9 months ago, it looks like they have no intention whatsoever to implement Subversion. It’s definitely time to give Sourceforge the kiss-off.

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