About Bieber Labs

Who are you?

I have been in the software development profession for 36 years – from actual development in Windows and Unix to management.

I am a rather vocal open source advocate and have a personal goal of showing the quality of open source software and version control, especially Subversion and Git, to the organizations that I work for.

I’ve also been a huge fan of WordPress for a really, really long time. It’s made this stuff so much easier to do for me since 2004 when I installed it than when I used to code it by hand.

Further professional stuff can be found over at my LinkedIn Profile.

Why do you do this?

The greatest thing about the internet is that you can find information about anything on it. All of this is made possible by people sharing little pieces of their lives with the rest of the world. Each persons experiences provide a little bit of information that could be useful to someone else — including mine I guess. This is just my way of contributing to the greater good – my small contribution to the collective.

Plus, I mostly motivate myself through competition. When Tom the Architect started blogging, I had to do it better than him. I’m still trying. šŸ™‚

Is there some kind of theme to this site?

No, not really. I’ve thought of making it a “tech blog”, but I really don’t like being limited (really – ask anyone who knows me). For now, the posts on here are basically whatever I’m thinking about at the time that I write them. I don’t really pay attention to a theme. There is absolutely no rhyme or reason to any of it at all – it could be personal or work related. As a matter of fact, the only thing you might find more random than the postings on this blog are the even more random Twitter postings I do from time to time.

Bottom line – everything on here is just me. The only hope I have is that people find it either useful or fun to read.

Where did you get the name bieberlabs?

At most jobs that I have had, I have done a lot of extra development at home (and often VERY late at night) that was later used in the workplace. I always made an effort to make sure I had a network at home and multiple machines with different operating systems on them in order to do this development. At the last 3 or 4 jobs, my home has been referred to jokingly by peers by names such as “the remote software development office” or “our advanced research center”.

I wanted a name that reflected that, and thought “Bieber Labs” sounded cool. Then when I found the domains were not taken, I grabbed them all.

The rest is history.

How can I contact you?

If you would like to email me directly, you can email ron at bieberlabs dot com.


Everything (and I mean everything) written here reflects my opinion and mine only. Nothing here reflects the opinion of my previous, current or future employers or friends, family, aquaintances, or pets.