Subversion 1.1.4 released.

It was announced yesterday that version 1.1.4 of the Subversion Version Control System has been released. According to the announcement, the following changes were made for this release:

Version 1.1.4
(1 April 2005, from /branches/1.1.x)

– Client:
* fixed: win32 not ignoring versioned symlinks (issue #2173)
* fixed: ‘svn merge’ can cause broken working copy (issue #2222)
* fixed: ‘svn commit’ fails when schedule-delete dir has local mod (r11980)
* fixed: ‘svn st -u nonexistent_file’ segfault (issue #2127)
* fixed: ‘svn cp wc wc’ utf8 conversion error (r13111)
* fixed: confusing error message about “wc not locked” (issue #2174)
* many translation updates for localized client messages

– Server:
* fixed: nasty (though unusual) performance bug in FSFS commits (r13222-3)
* fixed: FSFS memory leak when auto-merging large tree (r13193)
* fixed: FSFS memory leak in ‘svnadmin hotcopy’ (r13218, 13465, 13468)
* fixed: FSFS segfault when encountering empty data reps (r13683)
* fixed: two dataloss bugs in svndumpfilter (r12630, r12636)
* fixed: wasteful memory usage in svndumpfilter (r12637, r12640)
* fixed: mod_dav_svn segfaults when client sends bogus paths (issue #2199)

– Both:
* fixed: (win32) retry file operation if sharing violation (r12983, r12986)

* add SWIG 1.3.24 and .25 compatibility (r12551, r12717-9, r12722, r13504)
* make work on win32 (r12499, r12542, r12670)
* fixed: JavaHL run-time link error (r12576), path/url cleanups (r13090)
* fixed: python bindings log_receiver failure with SWIG 1.3.24 (r13487)
* build system tweaks: add install dependencies for fs & fs_base (r11050)

You can get the source tarballs for this release from the download area.