The Fate of the SVK Tutorials

Chia-liang Kao, the developer and maintainer of the SVK Distributed Version Control System posted a message to the mailing list on May 28th of this year declaring the end of development for the SVK tool.

I know from statistics that the tutorials on this site have been at least helpful, but am curious as to whether I should take them down or not given the fate of the tool. I myself have moved to Git, which has really good integration with Subversion.

So I’m asking you. Do you want the tutorials to stay, or can I get rid of them?

Feeling Bad

I’m kind of feeling bad for not blogging lately. The site is not getting much of my attention over the last few months. I’m playing a lot with git, a version control tool and figuring out how it plays with SVN, the SCM we use at work. I’m most interested in the advantages over SVK for distributed development while still having a central repository. Expect some posts on that soon.

Aside from that it is camping season, so I’m trying to spend most of my weekends away from the computer.

Hopefully, the bookmark trail is giving some good data on what I am looking at lately. If you really want to know whats going on, follow me on Twitter. It’s where I spend most of my blogging time lately.

SVK Tutorials now under Creative Commons License

After quite a few requests by people to use the SVK Tutorials for various things, I’ve decided to license them under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license. This license includes commercial use of the works.

After all the work I did seeking permission to play independent music on the podcast, and finding it so much work given an already busy schedule, I realized that I’m actually causing the same level of frustration for people when it comes to the tutorials. Obviously people have found them useful enough to ask to use the content — and I never say no — so why make it such a difficult process?

I’m really glad that these have been useful to people and it makes perfect sense to me to release them on this license.

So have fun with them and stop asking me for permission to use them. 😉

SVK Aquired by Best Practical

I’m a little behind on the mailing lists, but I found that on June 5 it was announced that Best Practical Solutions, LLC has aquired SVK. SVK is a distributed version control system written on top of Subversion and provides the ability to mirror Subversion and CVS repositories to your local machine in order to work in a distributed fashion. It also provides advanced branching and merging capabilities far and above what the core Subversion product provides. Read the official announcement here.

Best Practical, LLC produces Open Source incident response, request tracking, and FAQ management software. Chia-liang Kao, the author of SVK, has joined Best Practical as a partner.

Hey, they’re writing an SVK book!

I didn’t notice this before (I haven’t really been to the SVK site in a while), but they are actually writing a full blown SVK book. They make quite clear that the book is still a work in progress, but I’m glad to see this kind of work going on to further explain this great tool and wanted to make sure people using SVK (or trying to use it at least) knew it was there.

It looks like the book is being authored in the the same way the Subversion book was written — authored in XML and transformed to HTML. Could an O’Reilly book be in SVK’s future as well?