SVK 1.00 and WordPress 1.5.1 releases.

Chia-liang Kao, author of the SVK source control tool, announced the release of SVK 1.0 final today.

And if that wasn’t enough for you, the WordPress folks have announced the release of WordPress 1.5.1. Download it now. Information on what has changed is available in the ChangeLog on the codex.

Update: 5/10/2005
A quick check of CPAN this morning finds SVK 1.0 out on the mirrors. Go ahead and install it with the following (as root):

perl -MCPAN -e 'install SVK'

SVK 1.0 Beta 2 released.

Yesterday, the release of SVK 1.0 Beta 2 was announced .

The announcements list the following changes since Beta 1:

  • Fix keyword translation for undesired characters. [matthewd]
  • Fix svk switch from a removed branch.
  • Don’t trust LML would return a valid encoding that Encode knows. [Eric Gillespie ]
  • Recognize merge-conflict error, so no stacktrace for it.
  • svk info now skips files not under version control. [#8220] [gugod]
  • Fix locked mirror messages.
  • Various pool usage fixes.

The software can be downloaded from the SVK download area.