SVK 0.30 Install for Windows Available

An installer for SVK 0.30 for Windows is available here. This is not a standalone .EXE file, but an installer for the SVK tool.

Some caveats from looking at it briefly this morning:

  • Make sure you have Subversion installed. I thought I had installed it already on my Windows XP machine – but I was wrong.
  • I was unable to authenticate with my SSL WebDAV server through SVK. I had to execute an svn ls https://blah.blah.blah in order to authenticate properly. Once I did this, I was able to create a mirror and sync to it.

I’m not sure if this is the “official” version of the Windows install, but it is one that is available for those who want to start running 0.30.

1 thought on “SVK 0.30 Install for Windows Available

  1. Given an svk repository, do you have to use it via svk, or can you use svn programs to access it?
    The short answer to the spirit of this question appears to be no?
    Then which tool is available???
    any help…………………

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