SVK Aquired by Best Practical

I’m a little behind on the mailing lists, but I found that on June 5 it was announced that Best Practical Solutions, LLC has aquired SVK. SVK is a distributed version control system written on top of Subversion and provides the ability to mirror Subversion and CVS repositories to your local machine in order to work in a distributed fashion. It also provides advanced branching and merging capabilities far and above what the core Subversion product provides. Read the official announcement here.

Best Practical, LLC produces Open Source incident response, request tracking, and FAQ management software. Chia-liang Kao, the author of SVK, has joined Best Practical as a partner.

Subversion Support Now LIVE on SourceForge

After quite a long time of announcements and speculation as to when it would happen, Sourceforge has finally gone live with their support of Subversion as a source control option for their service. Following is a clip from the SourceForge mailing list:

The team is pleased to announce the General Availability
of Subversion service to projects, effective
2006-02-21. This service offering is in addition to our existing CVS
service; as with all of our services, projects may select (and enable in
the project admin pages) the portion of our offering that best meets
their needs.

The best thing about finding this announcement was the fact that Ben Collins-Sussman, one of the developers of Subversion, posted the announcment to the Subversion developer list with the following comment:

So, are we done? Have we made a compelling replacement for CVS? 🙂

Congratulations to the Subversion team for making the original vision real. I would say the product is a pretty compelling replacement.

Dreamhost Now Providing One-Click Subversion Support

My web hosting provider DreamHost has added Subversion to its list of software available through its one click installations. The service provides Subversion running under Apache.

If your looking for a Subversion provider, DreamHost might be it for you. Their prices are pretty reasonable. I’ve been with them since 2001 and have no complaints whatsoever. Excellent service and you can admin things quite easily through their control panel.

If you want to check them out, hit the DreamHost link on the right to tell them I sent you. 😉

Subversion Version Control – Using the Subversion Version Control System in Development Projects


William Nagel has created a web site for his book Subversion Version Control – Using the Subversion Version Control System in Development Projects. The site will contain errata and other things related to the book and also has a free PDF version of the book, which was written and published under the Open Publication License.

Sourceforge (Finally) Putting Together Beta Service Offering for Subversion?

From the SourceForge Recent Enhancements section:

As of 2005-11, staff are actively working to prepare a beta service offering related to the Subversion SCM. This offering will be provided in addition to our existing CVS service; there are no plans to discontinue CVS service. Pre-requisite analysis work has been initiated and hardware has been ordered.

This message was also posted to the Subversion mailing list:

From SourceForge’s site update note:

> As we enter a new calendar year, our focus remains on further
> improving the quality of our service. To that end, I am pleased to
> announce that will offer Subversion in early January
> 2006, initially as a beta program available to approximately 50
> projects. Then, if the Subversion beta period proceeds as smoothly as
> we expect, we will deploy Subversion site wide by March, 2006.

So lets keep our eyes out for this one …