Sourceforge (Finally) Putting Together Beta Service Offering for Subversion?

From the SourceForge Recent Enhancements section:

As of 2005-11, staff are actively working to prepare a beta service offering related to the Subversion SCM. This offering will be provided in addition to our existing CVS service; there are no plans to discontinue CVS service. Pre-requisite analysis work has been initiated and hardware has been ordered.

This message was also posted to the Subversion mailing list:

From SourceForge’s site update note:

> As we enter a new calendar year, our focus remains on further
> improving the quality of our service. To that end, I am pleased to
> announce that will offer Subversion in early January
> 2006, initially as a beta program available to approximately 50
> projects. Then, if the Subversion beta period proceeds as smoothly as
> we expect, we will deploy Subversion site wide by March, 2006.

So lets keep our eyes out for this one …