Continuing the WordPress Upgrade Work

I am continuing to work on the site and its migration to WordPress 2.0. Along with the upgrade of the main site, I’ve had to upgrade the following items:

  1. Ultimate Tag Warrior – I have upgraded this to version 2.8.9 to remove an error in the admin screens
  2. FAlbum (Integrated WordPress / Flickr Photo Album) – I have upgraded this to version 0.5.6. Along with getting everything to work properly, this version also gets rid of those missing images you saw in the photo album due to Flickr changing its URL scheme. With this work completed, the integrated photo album is now back up and running.

Right now, I think everything is working properly except for the comment issue when “wordpress” is in the permalink. If you find anything else broken, please let me know. I will continue to test over the next week or so.

Incidentally, the WordPress team is planning to release the official 2.0 release on December 26. Once that happens, I’ll go through the excercise again to ensure that I am on the most current version.

Overall, I think the WordPress team did a great job with this version of the software. For some additional information on WordPress 2.0, you might want to hit the following articles written by Owen Winkler: