Ribfest 2005 in Naperville

Today we spent most of the day at Ribfest 2005 in Naperville, IL after Jonna had seen something about it on the news. We had a great time and have a bajillion pictures on Flickr to document the occasion.

I would say the best ribs that we had throughout the day were the ribs from Sgt. Oinks Pit BBQ. More meat than any ribs I have ever had. The best BBQ sauce, however goes to Desparado’s “Hotter than ‘H'”. Excellent sauce. So good, we bought a bottle.

Ribfest is a hell of a place to spend the day. Great food, good bands — and some really big signs.

Unfortunately, we were unable to stick around for Ted Nugent, who was playing at 8:30 this evening. Oh well, maybe next year!

Update: July 4, 2005

One thing I forgot to mention last night is that ABC TV was walking around Ribfest interviewing people for the show Wife Swap. It was actually pretty comical watching the guys eyes glaze over as he asked us what we thought was interesting about our family and we just kind of stood there looking at each other.

I don’t think we’ll be getting a call back.

Update: July 11, 2005

We actually did get a call back. Jonna returned the call, but then they didn’t call back. So, technically, isn’t that like not getting a call back at all?