How To Set Up Mac OSX To Print to a Windows Print Share

I found one annoyance about Mac OSX. I could not figure out how to set my Mac up to print to our shared printer that is connected to a Windows XP machine.

Well, thats not necessarily true. I figured it out once, but for some reason it just stopped working using the standard printer setup. Since then, I’ve been printing to PDF, emailing the document to myself, and grabbing it on the machine with the printer and printing the PDF. Since we were setting up Jonna’s new Vista machine anyway and working through those connectivity issues, I decided to work on getting printing to work for real.

After culling through a bajillion posts today, I finally figured out how to do it. I figured this ‘pictorial’ could give you all of the steps you need to do without having to go through the effort that I did to get the information.

As an aside, all images were grabbed and marked up using Skitch.




Apple made it very non-intuitive to get to the advanced options. You have to hold down the Option key, then click “More Printers” in order to get to it. This annoyed me. The advanced option should be there no matter what. I shouldn’t have to do anything special to add the smb: address of the printer.




‘username:password’ is the username and password to log into the Windows machine with. IP Address is the IP of the Windows machine with the printer, and finally share name is the name you gave to the printer when you shared it.


I hope this “graphical representation” of the process helps you get your shared printers up and running. This is what I needed. Rather, I had to read through many false starts and theories before getting to the meat of the issue, which was essentially getting to the ‘Advanced’ options in the print manager. Now you know the secret. Happy printing!

4 thoughts on “How To Set Up Mac OSX To Print to a Windows Print Share

  1. I get to the part where i can select the printer but hp laserjet 1000 series isn’t in the list and add button doesn’t work for any printer i select in the list. please help

  2. Amigo es muy bueno el manual, pero en Lion el nuevo sistema operativo de Mac he tenido unos problemas, que el protocolo que viene es windows spoolss, como que tiene problemas, lo he intentado de la misma forma que mencionas arriba, de echo lo realizo con el 10.6 y no hay problemas pero con Lion si, crees que puedas ayudarme a solucionar el problema, Cuando se instala la impresora no tiene problemas, pero a la hora de realizar la autenticacion con usuario y password de dominio le das aceptar y no ocurre nada, solo queda titilando el boton de aceptar y no ocurre nada.

    Gracias por la atencion


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