Quantum Leap – The Complete Third Season In Stores Now

Quantum Leap - The Complete Third Season Browsing through Suncoast Video yesterday, we found that Quantum Leap – The Complete Third Season has been released to DVD.

This show, during the time that it was on, was my absolute favorite on TV. The third season includes the two part “The Leap Home” episodes, where Sam leaps back into himself when he is 16 in part one to win a basketball game. During this time he tries to save his father and brother from dying.

The second part of the episode, Sam leaps into a member of his brothers squad in Viet Nam, where he tries to prevent Toms death on April 8, 1969.

These are the two episodes we got through last night. I’m hoping to keep chipping away at the set through the rest of the week.

We found the set quite a bit cheaper over at Wal-mart, so you might want to check there before hitting the usual channels (unless of course you want to click one of the links above and give me a cut of your purchase). 😉