New Site Theme

I’m continuing to muck about with themes, because I’ve suddenly gotten tired of the way the site looks lately, which can be surprisingly unmotivating. The latest theme is a customized version of Mallow.

The theme is based on Kubrick for WordPress, but looks much nicer. We’ll see how long I keep this one. One thing I do like about it is the rollover menus at the top, which allows me to put some of the important areas right up top where they can be found easily. The first thing to go up there are the SVK Tutorials, which are getting quite a bit of traffic now that SVK has gone 1.0.

The header image is a subset of a picture of the sun setting over Holland that I found on Flickr. I just thought it looked really cool and worked well with the themes color scheme.

One thing notably missing are the Google Ads. I just can’t find a nice place to put them, so they’re being removed.