Intervention on A & E

Just when you thought they would be out of ideas for reality TV, the folks at A&E come up with a show like Intervention, which airs Sunday nights at 9pm Central time.

This show is as addicting as the gambling and drugs its participants are hooked on. Once you start, you can’t stop watching it.

The premise of the show is that the participants volunteer to do a documentary on addiction and the cameras follow them around as they talk about their behavior. The have no idea that the whole point is to get them into a room with their loved ones and push them into rehab.

The most disturbing episode thus far was episode 2, about a 31 year old man named Gabe who was a compulsive gambler. His view on life was that it was his parents “obligation” to pay his debts. These parents mortgaged their house to help pay his $500,000 gambling debts and the guy still wasn’t satisfied. The guy threw nothing short of temper tantrums every time he didn’t get his way. It was the most painful example of someone who refuses to take responsibility for his own actions that I had ever seen. You have to keep an eye out for reruns of this episode. It’s amazingly disturbing.

The only episode I’ve missed so far is the one on video game addiction. I’m keeping my eye out for that one.

Oh, big news. I’ve been asked to participate in a show documentary about blogging. I’ll let you know how that goes …

2 thoughts on “Intervention on A & E

  1. Rerun tonight with Gabe, his parents are still forking out for him!
    He is gross and such a total loser, self centered and disgusting!
    Never have I felt such lothing for someone on a reality show like him.
    His parents are idiots too to baby him like this. The man is 32 now and they pay his debts and his rent! EEEEKKKK

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