Extreme Fan

I think I’m a pretty big fan of certain musicians and would definitely call myself a movie buff. But after this morning I’m not sure I can really use the word “fan” to describe my love of music or movies.

Reading slashdot this morning, there was an article about a guy who is waiting five months in line at the theater for Star Wars Episode III tickets. Even stranger, the guy is keeping a blog, apparently right from his place in line.

I do not think that I could like anything to the point where I would camp out for 139 days for tickets. If I can’t buy the CD on amazon.com, or can’t buy the tickets somewhere like Ticketmaster or Fandango, chances are you won’t be getting me to listen to your music, see your concert, or watch your movie.

Then again, I might be an extreme. If the line is too long at McDonalds the first thought that comes to mind is “Maybe I’ll eat tomorrow …”.