24th Anniversary of Rhoads Death

Plane Crash Kills Rock Guitarist
A small plane crashed into a mansion and burst into flames Friday, killing the lead guitarist of the Ozzy Osbourne rock group and two other people, police said. The plane twice buzzed the house, where the rock group was staying, and on a third pass clipped the rock group's tour bus and a tree, then slammed into the two-story colonial home, officials said. Killed were guitarist Randall Rhoads, 25, pilot Andrew Aycock, 36, and Rachel Youngblood, 58, the group's makeup artist and hairdresser, said Lake County Deputy Sheriff Mike Smalt. All were aboard the plane. Osbourne - known for such stage antics as biting off the head of a live bat - was in the bus but was not hurt, Smalt said. Several other group members escaped unhurt from the mansion before it was gutted by flaming gasoline that spewed from the Beechcraft Bonanza, officials said. Rhodes and Ms. Youngblood were from Los Angeles, Smalt said. Smalt said Aycock lived at Flying Baron Estates, the wealthy, private airport community about three miles east of Leesburg where the crash occurred. The group was staying at the mansion before a concert scheduled for Orlando today. Members of the group quickly left the crash site and it was not known whether they would perform. Jack Barker, Atlanta regional spokesman for the Federal Aviation Administration, said the FAA flew an investigator to the scene Friday. He said the National Safety Transportation Board also would investigate. The bus - outfitted with plush chairs, video games and a stereo system - was punctured by the wing of the aircraft.

I found this Behind the Music video on YouTube and thought it was cool.


Article text courtesy of the Day The Music Died.

The Truth about 911 – A Video


A one hour analysis of 9/11 and how it is more likely than not that the government was actually behind the attacks. I heard about this on Adam Curry’s Daily Source Code. This is a really well done documentary. No matter what you believe, you’ll be fully engaged by watching this video. This one is going to cause me to leave the house an hour after I scheduled myself to leave for work this morning. I’m totally sucked in.

Diary of an Axeman – June Download

For those Randy Rhoads fans out there, the Diary of an Axeman site has Suicide Solution as their June video download.

Unfortunately, I missed May’s download, which was ‘I Don’t Know’ from the Blizzard of Ozz album. I checked the site sometime in May but I guess it was updated later on in the month. I’ll have to be a little more diligent in checking the site out if I want to keep building the Rhoads video collection.

This site is great and I think it’s really cool that the guy running it is keeping it up despite the bandwidth problems and cost that it takes to make this stuff available.

Actually, as I was writing this I found that the maintainer of the site has a Yahoo Group you can subscribe to to get updates on when the site is updated. Needless to say, I signed up.