DVD: Dream On Seasons 1 & 2

Dream On - Seasons 1 & 2Quite a few months ago I had noticed that Dream On – Seasons 1 & 2 were available for purchase. Back when this show was on, I used to watch it periodically and really enjoyed it. Last weekend I broke down and picked it up and Jonna and I have been working our way through the episodes.

I had forgotten just how funny and entertaining this show was. I believe this was the first (or at least one of the first) HBO original comedies that had come out back in the 90’s that grew out of John Landis’ interest in creating a show around all of the old then unused TV footage that Universal Studios had in its libraries. He recruited David Crane and Marta Kauffman (who later went on to create a little TV show called ‘Friends’) as writers.

This adult oriented sitcom centers around, Martin Tupper, a recently divorced man book editor at a small boutique publishing firm and his foray back into the dating world. Martin spent a lot of time watching TV when he was a child, and throughout the episodes situations cause flashbacks to scenes from these old shows, which just makes the show that much funnier. Adding to the hilarity is Martins best friend, Eddie Charles, a exploitation-TV talk show host a la Geraldo, his assistant Toby, and the near perfect but never seen husband if his ex-wife, “Dr. Richard Stone”.

I’ve really found this show quite entertaining and still fresh after 16 years. Each episode is 30 minutes, so it doesn’t take a lot of time to blow through a disc.

If you’d like to spend some time watching a very entertaining and funny show, pick up this show at Amazon. I would be quite surprised if you were disappointed.

Millenium the Third and Final Season Released on DVD

Millennium - The Complete Third SeasonMillennium – The Complete Third Season has been released on DVD. We’ve picked it up, but haven’t started watching it yet. I’m pretty sure this is the season of the show I missed when it was on. The second season wound up being a little too weird for me at the time (I actually like it after watching it on DVD now) and I quit watching the show.

I’m looking forward to seeing the final season.

Dirty Jobs on Discovery Channel

I do not like what we today call Reality TV. You know, shows like Survivor, Big Brother, Wife Swap, and all of those shows like that. They are all fake and pretty much stupid.

I do, however, like TV about real stuff. Shows like Mythbusters, Cold Case Files, Biography, and shows like that. At times, I’m even enjoying Dog the Bounty Hunter. The best shows are shows in which you can learn something and still get a laugh out of them (Mythbusters is the role model for shows like that).

Andy has been telling Jonna and I about a show called Dirty Jobs that he thought was hilarious. At first we resisted watching it, thinking it was just another stupid reality show. We finally gave in over the last week and watched an episode.

This show is great. The host, Mike Rowe, is nothing short of hilarious. The premise of the show is that the host finds the dirtiest jobs that people do for a living, and attempts to do them on the show. In the episode we saw this week, he attempted to make a surfboard (dirtier than I thought it would be), harvest honey from bees (creeped Jonna out to no end), and clean a ‘sludge tank’. During each of these tasks he was brilliantly funny, in a very dry way. We laughed all the way through the show.

If you are a Mythbusters fan, chances are you’ll love Dirty Jobs. Check it out (it’s on Tuesdays at 8pm CT) and leave comments up here telling me what you think.