Flickr Blog This To Draft Plugin

I found this plugin that corrects a pet peeve of mine that I’ve had for a while. The Flickr Blog This To Draft Plugin by Donncha O Caoimh ensures that all of your blogged photos from Flickr come in as drafts, so that you can go in and massage the HTML before publishing.

If you blog photos from Flickr much, and spend time rushing to edit your published picture (to fix HTML, add CSS attributes, etc), grab this plugin to remove the unneeded stress from your life.

Flickr Photo Album Finally Integrated

I was finally able to integrate the photo album on Flickr into the actual site, thanks to the FAlbum WordPress Plugin released at version .5 by Elijah Cornell. Once again, no brainer to install. All I had to do was modify the falbum-wp.php file to close the extra divs in my theme.

The plugin supports permalinks, tags, and all of the goodies you would expect from a Flickr based photo album.

To see the new photo album, go to, or click the photo album item in the menu at the top of the site.

WordPress Plugin: UltimateTagWarrior

I’ve installed the UltimateTagWarrior plugin for WordPress in order to experiment with tagging on the site.

Installation was almost a no-brainer and consisted of unarchiving the downloaded zip file into my plugins directory and activating the plugin. I then messed around with different tag cloud types for the sidebar and wound up settling on the sized cloud. The code in the sidebar looks like this:

That got the tag cloud to display in the sidebar. Rather than go with the default tag editing that comes per post when you have local and technorati tags on in the Admin Manage/Tags screen, I turned them off and added the following code to enable Ajax based tag editing to the blog entries:

And thats it. Tagging is enabled!

Just to be clear, the almost no brainer has nothing to do with the quality of the plugin, but because I was picky as to how I wanted things to work. If you want plain vanilla tagging without Ajax, the default install and adding the code to the sidebar should suffice.

Happy tagging!

WordPress Statistics Plugin – BAStats

I’ve been looking for quite a while to find a good statistics package that could give me an idea of what is going on on the site over and above the default Analog stats that my web provider provides.

Tonight I came across the beta version of BAStats, by Owen Winkler. The package is a WordPress plugin and as such was installed and functional in minutes.

I’ll have to figure out whether it winds up being useful, but the amount of data it collects for the amount of effort I had to put into installing it is definitely worth it. Currently, through my administration panel I can report on the following metrics:

  • Top Page Hits
  • Top Hosts
  • Top Referring Pages
  • Top Operating Systems
  • Top User Agents
  • Top Search Phrases
  • Recent Page Hits
  • Recent Hosts
  • Recent Referring Pages
  • Recent Operating Systems
  • Recent User Agents
  • Recent Search Phrases
  • Graph Top 5 Page Hits – Segmented
  • Graph Top Page Hits

I don’t have enough data to see what the last two items do, but it looks like I now have quite a bit of information at my fingertips. I’m hoping this stuff is more intelligible than trying to sift through the analog stats. Time will tell. Right now all I see is crawlers.


I was receiving some errors in the control panel and a data type error on the main page. To remove these messages, I did the following:

In the file BAStats_options.php, change the function check_option to look like the following:

function check_option($opt)
$settings = get_settings('bas_options');
if (!$settings) { $settings = array(); }
if(in_array($opt, $settings)) echo ' checked="checked"';

At line 115 , change the following code

if(in_array('log_spam', $options) && in_array('referer_spam', $settings))

to the following:

if(!is_array($options))$options = array();
if(!is_array($settings))$settings = array();
if(in_array('log_spam', $options) && in_array('referer_spam', $settings))

These changes should fix the errors you are receiving.