Flickr Photo Album Finally Integrated

I was finally able to integrate the photo album on Flickr into the actual site, thanks to the FAlbum WordPress Plugin released at version .5 by Elijah Cornell. Once again, no brainer to install. All I had to do was modify the falbum-wp.php file to close the extra divs in my theme.

The plugin supports permalinks, tags, and all of the goodies you would expect from a Flickr based photo album.

To see the new photo album, go to, or click the photo album item in the menu at the top of the site.

4 thoughts on “Flickr Photo Album Finally Integrated

  1. Hey, i was wondering how you got the flickr plugin to show links to your different categories..
    mine only has recent..tags..

  2. yep; i figured that out soon after i posted the comment; hadn’t expected you to reply so soon actually.
    ps. do you, or did you, get much spam using WordPress?

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