Things for iPhone (Time Management)

I’ve finally decided to bite the bullet and buy Things, an application on the iPhone for task management (Getting Things Done style). I’ve only started using it this morning, but I can already see the benefit of getting things out of my head and into my inbox for categorization. I’ll write more on whether I actually stick with it and find it effective later on.

All I can say is, I hope so. I’m not doing too well these days on remembering the volume of things I need to accomplish – and paper and notebooks just don’t do it for me.

More on the iPhone


The Times in Britain has an article entitled Apple bites back against music rivals with iPhone. According to this article, the new iPhones (at least from the British supplier) will only have capacity for 25 songs. An article in the Register also reports that songs for these devices will be $2 per song. They’ll have to up the capacity to something that compares to my current iPod for me to even consider something like this.