Troubling Exits at Microsoft


BusinessWeek has an article called Troubling Exits at Microsoft that talks about how Microsoft employees are leaving to move to other companies such as Google. There are quotes from employees such as “There’s a distinct lack of passion, we’re missing some spunk”. Quite interesting considering the place Microsoft used to be, where highly qualified people clamoured to work there.

Who needs Google when you have Jonna?

The Movie Blog has an article about using Google Movies for reviews and show times that was posted yesterday. So, in order to find all kinds of reviews and ticket information on The Exorcism of Emily Rose, you just type ‘movies:The Exorcism of Emily Rose

I thought this was a really new cool thing, having just read about it in a news feed, but when I mentioned it to Jonna, she said that it had been out for a while. She also mentioned that Google has a service for restaurants. For example, you can find tons of information on restaurants in Woodstock, IL by entering ‘restaurants 60098‘ into the Google Search box.

Here’s my dilemma. I spend a LOT of time on the Internet and going through news feeds. I pride myself on being a pretty good ‘Googler’ and can usually find information I need fairly quickly. When I find something like this movie thing in a fairly recent article (the damn thing is only a day old) I get all excited that I found something new that will make finding information so much easier.

Then I find that Jonna has already known that this stuff exists and has already been using it for a while. She said that its because she actually uses the Internet rather than just reading about it. Ouch. [ Editors note: This was said with complete love and admiration in her voice — really! ]

So I think I need to start a new category of the web site dedicated to the actual things going on in the world that I just get from Jonna, since she seems to be way more current than I am — or maybe I can persuade her her to start posting a little bit. I think it would be really valuable if she just remaindered stuff that she finds during her hardcore Internet use — you know, during the times when I am reading or listening to some podcast about it.


  • Nalla sent me a link to Google Guide, which should prove to be helpful.
  • Jonna replied to this posting via email with a pointer to Google Local – something I actually did already know about, however I’m more interested in the queries off of the main Google search page.

You Can Now Change Your From Address in Google Mail

Reading the Google Blog today I found that you can change the from address that gmail uses in your email addresses. This finalizes my complete conversion to Google Mail for all email.

This is a nice feature. All you have to do is verify that you own the email address by entering a verification code sent to you in an email to your specified address. In total, it took less than five minutes. You can find this feature in the Settings -> Accounts screen.

This isn’t new, new. Its about a week old, announced on August 25th. I just got to it.

Another Use For Google Maps – The Katrina Information Map

I found an article on Wired News called A Disaster Map ‘Wiki’ is Born. The article points to the Katrina Information Map at The site is powered by Google Maps and allows people to add markers to the map to post information about the areas in which the hurricane has effected.

This is another good example of what I wrote about back in July about application level reuse and the ‘crowds’ ability to create software a company would never have envisioned by using published application programming interfaces.