Flickr: Time Flies

Photo by rbieber

My the years have gone by quickly.

I’m continously amazed at watching how the kids have grown over the years. We recently got all of our film developed (5 years worth) and there were some fun pictures on them.

We tend to take forever to develop film, which is why I like digital photography so much – instant gratification.

Anyway, looking back at old pictures, I just thought this collage would be fun to look at. The top picture is from around 2000 or so. The three bottom ones are taken from the Christmas week photos.

Studying Up On Ruby

Photo by rbieber

I’ve been focusing on Ruby a lot over the past 3 days (Rails specifically). What a great environment to work in!

This was taken about a month ago. I’ve been doing quite a bit of reading and experimenting with Rails and I have to say, I love it. While I’m still at the stage of figuring out “how” to do things, once you do it you get why its done that way. That can’t be said for many environments.