This has been such a hard year for all of us. I thought this year, more than any, it was important to put together a gratitude list – you know – with Thanksgiving being on Thursday. Here is mine:

1. My daughter is one of the most important people in my life. She was a surprise to me because they told us she would be a boy and I really wanted a girl. I was elated when they said she was a girl (and asked that they check again because he could just be “hung like his father”). She has been the biggest blessing in the world to me. It’s been really fun to watch this totally tiny person grow into a smart, responsible person.

2. Everyone knows how much I adore my wife. I often talk about how lucky I am for tripping on things. I would have never guessed that I would be lucky enough to meet her and she would actually like me. It was just random luck that I am very grateful for.

3. Our boys. They are both such incredible people and so different from each other. It adds variety to the family. They are both amazing and I love them a ton.

4. My brother. When we were kids I was such a jerk to him. It was only because I knew he was brilliant and I was jealous. He is one of the most brilliant and loving people I have ever met – and I cherish every conversation I get to have with him.

5. My friends. I didn’t know how many I had. This year has connected me with people I knew in first grade – and for whatever reason we never connected. It’s amazing to me how 40 or 50 years can go by and you just connect with people. There are a few of you that I have kept in contact with over the years (Nick and Dina) but I found a lot of people this year that I didn’t even know they knew who I was and they have been just amazing to me – and I hope I’ve returned it.

6. I was really lucky and tripped on some amazing people to work with. What we were doing was serious but they made it fun. I wasn’t good at a lot of things and was lucky enough to find people I loved that filled the gaps that I had. I am eternally grateful to each and every one of you. It’s one thing to “work with someone”. It’s another thing to can’t live without them being there. The latter were the people I had the opportunity to work with.

7. Finally – Joey. He frustrates me to no end – but I am so glad I got him. I was obsessed with him from the first time I saw him. I had such a strong opposition to dogs due to various reasons but he has made my life so much more tolerable.

He is one of the best friends you could ever trip over. He is my Snoopy.

#1 – Daughter and Dad working.
#7 – Joey

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