Another JEM / GNX4 / Marshall Mini-Stack Picture

Photo by rbieber

One of a bajilliion shots I took of the mini-stack today. For some reason, the lighting just wasn’t working at all today.

Picked up a Marshall Mini-Stack this weekend. Cute amp and sounds great. Now, if only I could play …

4 thoughts on “Another JEM / GNX4 / Marshall Mini-Stack Picture

  1. JEM 7V;GNX4 and Marshall Amp.Hei,you just got everything I want have.I’m a fan of Steve Vai,too.Now,I got a GNX4 10 days ago.So what will be the next,It’s a little trouble to me.Best wishes to you.

  2. Another GNX4 fan. Just learning how to use mine and the drum machine. Have you used the drum maps yet? I just posted a blog with URL links if you need the maps. Still trying to find me a good sound. I’m sort of gravitating toward Eddie’s signature tone.

  3. I use a Vai patch that I found somewhere, that for some reason is the only one that I think sounds good. Going through the Marshall it sounds even better.

    I’ll definitely hit your blog. Love hearing about others guitar adventures.

    BTW – really haven’t used the drum stuff at all. I’ve only somewhat used teh recording capabilities. I just liked the modelling capabilities.

  4. Hey Man, I have both as well. I love the straight Marshall sound but want to use the GNX4 as strictly an effects pedal(s) live – without the modelling. How do I set that up?

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