6 thoughts on “Open Source Alarm Clock?

  1. wtf, it may be open source, but that is not the open source nature, open source is generally open and shared for people to create new features or modify old ones, if this software is under the gnu, witch it probably is being open source, that means that you could buy the software, and release the code for free, being open, or if you somehow get a copy of the code, you could release it legally.

  2. wait this is different, this is a physical device, duh, you pay for the device, t4hen you can “hack” it and have full control over it. (I probably should check out the link before I write anything about it, XD)

  3. woops, oh, looks like there is an actual physical unit you get, I should probably read the links first before I write about them, ya, the open source part of the object is that you can edit and create code to run on it, and “hack” it, or run other “hacks”.

  4. This is f**king ridiculous man… I’m looking for an “open source clock” and this BULLSHIT pops up?!?! Yea right… ROFL as well.. open source is meant to be free DUDE.. go back to woodstock..

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