Carol Gets A Back Seat for the Golf Cart

Photo by jonna404

Jonna’s parents have a camper up in Wisconsin. Their golf cart has no back seat, so when they have visitors, its difficult to show them around.

Back in June, after a trip up to their camper, Jonna searched Craigslist for a back-seat for their golf cart. We wound up finding our camper (a little more expensive than a back seat) – that included a golf cart with a back seat. Carol and Bob would borrow our golf cart when they had guests, so that they could drive them around the grounds.

As the story goes, later in the year another couple also went out searching for a deal on a back seat after a visit up to Bob and Carols camper. They wound up buying a camper for themselves as well.

This month, Jonna picked up a golf cart ornament she spotted in a Hallmark store for Bob to give to Carol. She spent some time crafting the fine back seat (seen above in Carols right hand) out of cardboard, bubble wrap, and one of my old t-shirts. Once she opened this, Bob walked her out to his truck to reveal the back seat she has long wanted.

See, Christmas wishes do come true. It wound up costing a few of us some money, but now we have somewhere relaxing to hang out in the summer.

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