2 thoughts on “iPod Nano

  1. We can say that it was purely for the love of innovation that leads to these changes, but when such ‘innovation’ leads to people tossing aside their usables for identical products in quality if not size, with either sizes not translating to an appreciable dent in one’s trousers, and with these innovations churning out huge amounts of money for the likes of Jobs, whom you can rest assured did almost none of the work, then ‘innovation for innovation sake’ is suspect. It is nothing but pure exploitation of a market grown gullible with lack of thought-practise and intellectual microcosmicisation via increased specialisation.

  2. The fact of the matter is, the market demand is out there or people wouldn’t be “tossing aside their useables”. It’s the consumers choice to buy the new Nano and many are. The good thing is, you are free to not buy the Nano.

    Bottom line is, Jobs has a vision, recognizes the market, and is persuing the vision. Ultimately, if people don’t want to buy they won’t, but it looks to me like they don’t mind it too much.

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