Could Mancow replace Stern in Chicago and Brandmeier Be Back on WLUP?

The August 2 Feder column reports that Mancow Muller could be replacing Howard Stern on WCKG FM once Stern moves to Sirius Satellite Radio. He also reports possible talks in the works that could put Jonathan Brandmeier back on The Loop (WLUP), in the morning slot he once ruled back in the 80’s and early 90’s.

Wouldn’t it be interesting to see Dahl and Mancow on the same station?

I’ve never been a big Mancow fan (can’t stand listening to him), but the first part of this stint might be something I would want to listen to.

According to the article, no agreements have been made with either party. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

One might wonder, could the new studio at WCKG for the Dahl crew be in preparation for this move?

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3 thoughts on “Could Mancow replace Stern in Chicago and Brandmeier Be Back on WLUP?

  1. Mancow is the best. I just wish he was on the radio down here. I do see him every now and then on Fox and Friends. He is friends with E.D. Hill. I love Mancow.

  2. Mancow sucks. He was cool in the beginning, but then he got the Stern “I’m the greatest” attitude, and went downhill from there. At least Brandmeier is funny, he makes people laugh at the simplest things, because he’s funny. Eat Me and Right on Buzz

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