Steve Dahl and Garry Meier Reunite

OK, 2006 is officially the year that hell froze over.

First we have Metallica making their music available on iTunes and Napster, then Steve Dahl and Garry Meier reunite for a show yesterday, August 18.

I found reference to this on and couldn’t believe it. Thankfully, Dahl started publishing his daily shows as podcasts earlier in the year and I was able to download it and hear for myself this unbelievable point in radio history.

I haven’t listened to Dahl for quite some time, as most of my listening has moved over to podcasts. Even before the switch to time shifted media, I found Dahl to be a little too sedated for me. However, the Steve and Garry Show was one of the staples of growing up for me and I have to say, its so nice to hear the two of them on the air again.

There is an incredible chemistry between these two guys when you put microphones in front of them. There is something about Meier that really brings out the best in Dahl. I switch the show on every now and again, but it seems to move too slowly for me to actually “get into”. With Meier back in the mix, the show had a much quicker pace, was much more energetic, and I have to say, was damn funny. As a matter of fact, I cannot remember a time that I have laughed out loud as much listening to this show in the last ten years as I have this morning with Garry back in the mix.

With all of the hostility that has gone on over the years, you would expect things to be very uncomfortable with these two getting together. Listening though, its like the break up never happened. Each of them seemed to “drop right into place” with each other, and the shows energy was raised considerably.

There are a few things in life that just seem to be meant to be. Steve and Garry on the radio is one of those things that fall into that category, whether they like it or not. Its probably only wishful thinking, but it would be so great to see these two actually pair up again permanently. It would be an incredible boon for WCKG at this point, and I would actually consider putting that radio back in my office again during the day.

Think about it guys. The show this morning most definitely made my day today. From the looks of the forums, it seems I’m not the only one.

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Robert Feder: Recent Chicago Radio News

With the departure of Howard Stern, WCKG identifies his replacement. Unlike New York, Chicago did not pick David Lee Roth, but some guy named Rover. In other news, Jonathon Brandmeier returns to The Loop (WLUP-FM) starting on October 31 – assuming his studio is installed in time.

Brandmeier first joined the Loop in 1983 and served as morning man there until 1997. Joining Brandmeier in his new role will be Bruce Wolf, broadcasting remotely from Channel 32 studios, where he is still morning news sports anchor.

Welcome back Johnny.

Feder Rips Dahl for ‘Floating Corpse’ Drink Recipe

Robert Feder on Thursday reported on a bit that Steve Dahl did on his radio show (and later continued in his blog) in which he was joking about creating a drink recipe called the ‘Floating Corpse’.

The article insinuates that Dahl was making light of the deaths in the New Orleans area.

Dahls response to Feder (middle of page) was published on Friday, asking Feder to clarify that he was actually referring to the corpses from the above-ground graveyards and not the hurricane victims.

Dahl then ends, in standard Dahl fashion, with the following statement:

I intend to commemorate the plight of the victims with ‘Looter Lasagna’.