Movies: Batman Begins

Saturday we went to see Batman Begins, the newest in the Batman series. To be honest, I was expecting a sub-par movie considering the ways in which the Bat-movies have been done since the original, but this one seems to go back to the darkness and mood of the first Batman film.

The film tells the story about how the Batman came to exist, from the murder of Bruce Waynes parents through Bruces subsequent childhood and quest to understand criminal behavior later in life. It tells the story of where the idea for the Batman came from, where the Batcave came from and how he gets all of those really cool gadgets.

Christian Bale is great as Bruce Wayne, though I have to say he does look kind of weird in the bat suit. Not sure what it is, but he just doesn’t look right in the cowl. This incarnation of the Bat is actually angrier than we’ve seen Batman in the previous movies. While Bale pulled it off, my vote is still for Keaton as the #1 Bat.

From the story line perspective, you can tell that a lot of thought went into it – something you haven’t seen in the Batman movies for years . Everything ties off and makes sense. The criminals, while menacing, are not over stated. They fit in the story, rather than being there for the sake of getting another big star to play a super villain.

One walks out quite satisfied that she has learned everything there is to know about where the Batman came from.

I haven’t walked out of a Batman movie satisfied since 1995 when the first Tim Burton directed Batman hit the theaters. Batman Begins was a refreshing addition to the growing list of super hero related movies coming out in theaters. Action packed and fun, and the really dark Batman we all grew up admiring for his rage against injustice. The best thing about this movie though, is it goes back to the basics about what Batman has always been about : a very angry guy out to make sure justice is served.