Movies: House Of Wax

Yesterday Jonna, Kelsi and I went to see House of Wax, the latest horror movie out in the theaters.

Now, normally I’m the type of person that gets really irritated with movies. If there is no plot, or the movie is just plain stupid, I will walk out of the theater pretty annoyed. Horror movies are one of the genres that I will normally rent, because I just can’t see spending the money to be irritated.

However, yesterday we were looking for something to do and this was the only movie that looked remotely interesting to all three of us, so we went.

Believe it or not, I really liked it. Sure there were extremely slow parts, and sure it was a full on slasher movie, but I walked out satisfied with what I got.

The movie revolves around six kids on their way to a football game. They stop for the night in the woods to camp out. When they wake up the next morning one of the cars has the fan belt cut. Two of the people stay behind to get a ride to the nearest town to pick up a fan belt while the rest of the people go off to try and get to the football game.

Unfortunately, the next town over is relatively abandoned. It winds up that there are a couple of psycho brothers in the town that have systematically killed everyone in the town and coated them with wax and set them up as a huge town sized wax museum. As visitors show up, they are added to the collection.

Now, I know this sounds stupid, but it was actually a pretty entertaining movie to watch. You can think of it as The Texas Chainsaw Massacre meets Madam Tussaud’s Wax Museum — and if you approach it this way you’ll have a lot more fun watching it. I actually walked out of there satisfied that I had seen a decent horror movie.

If you like horror movies, you’ll like this one once it gets going. Be prepared for a really slow start though. For a bit, the movie is painfully slow to watch. Once it heats up though, it’s a lot of fun.