The Final Cut

The Final Cut On Saturday we rented The Final Cut on DVD. I have to say this was one of the most original movies I’ve seen in a while.

Robin Williams stars as Alan Hakman, a cutter in the future. In the not so distant future setting that the movie is portraying, a new technology has become popular called the “Zoe” chip. This chip is implanted in people and records everything that the person hears and sees. Upon death, it is the job of a “cutter” to take these years of memories and edit them down to a small film called a “rememory” to play at the memorial service and give to the family.

The film was written and directed by Omar Naim. The writing is awesome and the movie sucks you in from the first scene. First, just the thought of everything you do being recorded gives you the “heebie-jeebies”. Secondly, throughout the movie there are people protesting the Zoe chip as a violation of privacy, making the film just that more realistic.

The acting is awesome, the story is great. It had me riveted from start to finish. I’m not a big fan of “futuristic” types of movies (Terminator is the ultimate exception of course), but this one I would call a must see. The movie moves along at a pretty good clip, and Robin Williams, as always, is amazing.

I think the thing that I liked most about the movie was the “big brother-ish” world that it portrayed. Technology is moving at such a clip now that it is not too far from reality to have these implants available. The thought of that really makes you think. Is this something you would purchase for your child to have their life recorded from birth to death?

Just the thought of it is creepy and thats what made the movie so worth it for me. It really makes you think.