Movie Rental: The LadyKillers

We rented The LadyKillers on Saturday night. This was not a movie in our “must see” list, however we rented it because Tom Hanks was in it and given his track record we figured that if he elected to do it that it would have some level of quality — or at least be tolerable.

This movie SUCKED. It moved very slowly and Tom Hanks just droned through the whole thing. The movie was extremely painful to watch, as it seemed to go nowhere.

The premise of the movie is that Tom Hanks is a criminal masquerading as a scholar leading a renaissance band. He rents a room from a woman who lives near a casino boat so that they can tunnel through her basement to the vault and steal the money from the vault. The whole band idea is an excuse to use the basement to “practice”. The woman gets suspicious and the rest of the movie is full of rediculous attempts to bump her off.

That is really it as far as plot goes. Forgetting that it’s a stupid idea to begin with, the movie just sucked, and we couldn’t wait for it to end. Unfortunately, no matter how bad a movie is, the chances that we will actually turn it off are close to none, so we sit through the whole thing since we went through the trouble to rent it.

It would be far less painful (and probably more constructive) to spend the 104 minutes repeatedly pounding your head against a concrete wall than sitting through this film. At least the pain you feel at the end would be something you signed up for.