The Adventures of Pete & Pete Season One Available on DVD

The Adventures of Pete & Pete - Season 1Finally, The Adventures of Pete & Pete – Season 1 has been released on DVD.

From 1993 – 1996, Nickelodeon aired this series about two brothers named Pete and their adventures in the town of Wellsville. This was the one show that Kelsi would watch when she was small that I looked forward to watching with her. It was the event of our weekends together on Sundays at 11:00a.

The episodes were funny, intelligent, and just fun to watch. A while back we found them on Noggin and began watching them again, wondering when they would finally be released to home video.

This show brings back a lot of great memories. Unfortunately, while Kelsi found them at the mall (we were shopping for eighth grade graduation clothes), we had to take her home before she got a chance to watch them with me this time around.

If you find these in the video store, grab them and give them a try. The show is a crack up and from my perspective probably one of the best situation comedies I’ve ever seen on TV. It also had one of the catchiest theme songs (“Hey Sandy” by Polaris) that I’ve ever heard, which can be found on the album Music From the Adventures of Pete & Pete.

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