The Ibanez JEM “Bad Horsie” and new Dimebag Tribute Models from Dean

The new Ibanez JEM model is available. This guitar is the newest model of the Steve Vai Signature Series of guitars.

I’m not sure whether the Ibanez Jem77BRMR “Bad Horsie” is actually available yet, but it is making it’s first appearance at the NAMM show this year, according to

Also, Dean Guitars is releasing a slew of Dimebag Tribute models in its 2005 product line.

Could it be time already to update my wish list??? Why, it seems like only yesterday …

Steve Vai Real Illusions:Reflections Album and Tour

According to it looks like the new album is going to be out on February 22, 2005. Additionally, a U.S. Tour starts in March, with the band hitting Chicago on April 13th at the House of Blues.

The band this time around includes:

Steve Vai – Guitar / Vocals
Billy Sheehan- Bass
Tony MacAlpine – Guitar / Keyboards
Dave Weiner – Guitar
Jeremy Colson – Drums

Along with being a huge Vai fan for as far back as I can remember, I’ve also been a huge Tony MacAlpine and Billy Sheehan fan as well, and am really looking forward to the chance to see this incarnation of the band live on stage. All of them are just incredible musicians.

Along with this tour, there is a package you can buy called “The Evo Premium Experience” in which you also get the following along with your regular tickets (taken directly from

  • Preferred seating where applicable (in seated venues only.)
  • The opportunity to attend a portion of soundcheck. (Usually no less than 15 minutes.)
  • An intimate pre-show group Q&A/Discussion session with Steve. (Usually no less than 15 minutes.)
  • A special EVO laminate that allows entrance to the portion of soundcheck, Q&A, as well as early entry into the venue where possible.
  • An autographed “Real Illusions: Reflections” CD booklet.
  • An audio CD exclusive to the tour - containing a commentary by Steve Vai on each track of “Real Illusions : Reflections” along with audio snippets, plus a bonus track that does not appear on the album.
  • A Deluxe Tour Program
  • A Special Guitar Pick

Sure its a little extra (ok, a lot extra), but how many times do you really get a chance to watch Steve Vai and Billy Sheehan do a soundcheck together and attend a Q&A session with one of your favorite musicians of all time? If that wasn’t cool enough, add to it having your favorite woman of all time sitting right there with you through the whole thing.

This is one concert that I’m definitely looking forward to, even though the House of Blues isn’t exactly my favorite place to see a concert. The last time I saw Vai at the House of Blues (on the Fire Garden Tour) I wound up way in back watching the concert on the TV screens.

Hopefully, the seats will be a little better this time …

Piano Reductions Volume 1 by Mike Keneally is now available for preorder

The next CD in the series of The Secret Jewel Box is available for preorder. This CD features 11 of Steve Vai’s songs re-interpreted for solo piano by Mike Keneally. Mike is a very accomplished musician whose resume include stints as a guitarist in both the Frank Zappa and Steve Vai bands, along with his own work. You can get the full scoop on Mikes career from this timeline on his web site.

Piano Reductions Volume I will be released on Tuesday, November 16,2004. Included are the tracks:

All About Eve
Die To Live
Salamanders In The Sun
Bledsoe Bluvd
Ballerina 12/24
Dyin’ Day
Touching Tongues
Kill The Guy With The Ball/The God Eaters

You can preorder the new album here.

New Vai Tunes store opened.

Steve Vai has opened a new online store where you can purchase previously unreleased material for $0.99 a song.

There are currently four songs available. I will talk more about them once I download them. ;>)

If you are too impatient to wait for me to write about them, you can always go download them yourself.

Update: November 1, 2004

I downloaded all four songs. Mag Jam and Burning Bush are classic Vai and great guitar songs. The “As Above” and “So Below” tracks are orchestral songs that were going to be used as the start and end of the Ultra Zone album. The first impression of both Jonna and I of these songs were something that could very well appear in a Disney movie. That is actually a compliment. They are very soothing and pleasant to listen to.

If your going to grab songs from the site, grab the guitar tracks. These are the best ones so far.