New Vai Tunes store opened.

Steve Vai has opened a new online store where you can purchase previously unreleased material for $0.99 a song.

There are currently four songs available. I will talk more about them once I download them. ;>)

If you are too impatient to wait for me to write about them, you can always go download them yourself.

Update: November 1, 2004

I downloaded all four songs. Mag Jam and Burning Bush are classic Vai and great guitar songs. The “As Above” and “So Below” tracks are orchestral songs that were going to be used as the start and end of the Ultra Zone album. The first impression of both Jonna and I of these songs were something that could very well appear in a Disney movie. That is actually a compliment. They are very soothing and pleasant to listen to.

If your going to grab songs from the site, grab the guitar tracks. These are the best ones so far.