Chinese Dinner, The Zodiac, and Continued Self Reflection

Photo by rbieber

To go along with the Tickle Test Results, here is a description of me from the Chinese Zodiac, taken from a placemat at the chinese restaurant Jonna and I had dinner at last night.

You are very intelligent and are able to influence people. An enthusiastic achiever, you are easily discouraged and confused. Avoid Tigers. Seek a Dragon or a Rat.

Definitely an enthusaistic achiever, definitely easily discouraged. I take great umbrage at the confused comment, but I can’t figure out whether its true or not. Oh, whatever — I give up.

Tickle Tests

I found a site called Tickle that has a slew of career oriented tests, many available for free after registration. I became curious so I decided I would take the time and take some of the tests, just for the hell of it. The first was the Right Job / Wrong Job test, which purports to tell you what kind of personality you have and therefore what type of position you would fit best in.

After taking the test, here are the results:

As an Analytical type, you don’t want to be limited by established rules and regulations. Your inquisitive nature demands that you sometimes question authority. Otherwise, you might not be able to find fresh approaches, or come up with new solutions to a problem. It’s not that you act without weighing the pros and cons of a situation — it’s more that you’re more willing than others to take justifiable risks if they’ll further your career success.

You’re smart enough to know when you need help and are confident enough in your abilities to ask for it. You understand that sometimes there are no clear right and wrong answers, and that’s just fine with you because you tolerate gray areas better than most. In fact, pondering potential outcomes can sometimes be more interesting than coming up with the definitive solution for you.

Your right job doesn’t have to be about self-expression, but it needs to be a job you can be proud of.

Is it accurate? I would say I agree with most of it, except that I don’t think I’m driven so much by furthering my career success as I am by knowing that I’m making a difference and creating positive results. I definitely feel that established rules and regulations limit the effect one can have in an organization, because in many instances the rules can’t be changed because they exist, no matter how much they don’t make sense in the current environment. In these instances I rarely have the patience to debate with someone who doesn’t recognize that the established rules and regulations go against common sense.

There’s a good leadership development opportunity for me …