Its Time To Dissolve the FCC

I found an article this morning on CNN about the latest in TV censorship.

Apparently, the American public is so depraved that the site of a cartoon ass could send us into a sexual frenzy and therefore must be blurred out when shown on TV. The decision, of course, was made by network executives after the incredible year television and radio have had with the FCC after the Janet Jackson Nipple Incident last year at the super bowl.

The article tries to explain some of the logic with this statement:

The FCC doesn’t fine feature filmmakers for nudity or violence in movies because people make conscious decisions whether or not to buy a ticket and see them, he said. The same logic holds for cable networks like HBO or Showtime that a viewer must pay for. For the most part, if you have a TV, you’ll get the broadcast networks — no choice is involved.

My personal opinion – choice is always involved. Whether you are watching TV or listening to the radio, you always have the option to change the station or turn the thing off. Excercise that right rather than penalizing people who do not share your views of what is “proper” or “improper”.

I hate the show Fear Factor. The last thing I want to see is someone eating cow brains. So I turn it off if I don’t want to watch it, or leave the room if my family does. It’s that simple.

Here’s my recommendation. Dissolve the FCC and let TV put on what it wants to put on. For those who are offended by cartoon butts, have them pay the additonal subscription fees to have the animated cracks blurred.

Why should I pay extra to get around someone elses opinion of what should be seen or heard?

I’m completely tired of the antiquated censorship that goes on in all mediums. I don’t want television to turn into porn, however we have to have some sense brought to the system. The FCC is completely out of control.

In closing, I want to set the record straight with any members of the FCC that might be reading this. I came across this article by accident — not as a result of typing “cartoon ass fetish” into Google.