Dad Takes Kelsi Driving

Photo by rbieber

We have two kids with drivers permits right now and yesterday was the first time I actually took Kelsi out.

Overall, she did really well. I don’t remember being as nervous when I started driving as she was, though I’m sure I was. Thankfully, she felt comfortable driving with me, as it seems I didn’t freak out too much.

It’s so weird to hit this milestone. There’s nothing that makes you feel old like watching your baby grow up. Where did all the time go?

Kelsi’s First Concert Review

In December of 1998, for Kelsi’s 8th birthday, I took her to see KISS as a birthday present. While I’m not sure if this is her first concert, I do know for a fact that it is the first concert she ever reviewed on the web. The way cool title graphic was “photoshopped” by dad.

As I was digging around today I found it and thought it was so cute that I had to resurrect it. I have to say, it’s not bad for an 8 year old!

A long awaited update; Definition of Emo/Screamo.


  1. Music genre characterized by it’s trendy, mellow, emotive, and sometimes more intellectual and complicated sound.


  1. Emotional post-hardcore music. Has a fast off beat sound, with screaming and an often dark mood.
  2. A mixture of “Emo” music with screamed (rather than, or as well as, sung) vocal parts.

Contrary to popular belief, it’s not easy to describe “Screamo/Emo” music, and the “lifestyle” that come hand-in-hand. Most people characterize the “Emo-kids” as being overly-depressed, whiny, and addicted to the woeful lifestyle that seems to constanty haunt them. But, most all that is said about these kids are just harsh stereotypes. Not all labeled ’emo-kids’ are constantly whining about their overly depressive lives. Emo is just a type of music; a way of life for some.

Emo is more a lighter type of music, which often has very well-written and emotional lyrics, while screamo is a heavier version of it’s Emo roots. There’s still the element of emotional, well-written lyrics, but along with that there’s screaming involved.

Not much else is to be said about Emo/Screamo music. It’s one of the rare, amazing genres of music that is difficult to describe, and easier to understand by taking the time to listen.

Example(s) of “Screamo Bands”:

Hawthorne Heights: A screamo band formed in Ohio, they now have a record deal with Victory Records.

Example(s) of “Emo bands”:

Something Corporate: A Cali-based emo band, known for their “Piano Rock.” Signed to Geffen Records.

10/31: Fallacy Show

The Battle of the Bands online-voting results flashed on the tarp high above our head. Sean’s neon-orange guitar sat on the left hand side of the stage directly in front of us, and to the right leaned Chris’ bass; covered from front to back in band stickers. Purple lights shone brightly on Eric’s drum set towards the back of the stage, and the three towering microphones stood tall at the very front edge.

In the back corner of the stage, the five members of Fallacy snuck a peek at the screaming crowd ahead.


Fans, best friends, family members, total strangers. It seemed like everyone was there to see Fallacy. And they couldn’t be prouder.

Sean “Bon” Peters, Chris Held, Jake Boulay, Jake Schnall, and Eric Becker finally took the stage, and the crowd went wilder than I ever thought possible. Opening with “Horrible Inspiration”; a heart-touching song about a young girl’s long battle with Leukemia, we all knew our cue to chant along with Boulay’s wrenching vocals. “SCARS, CUTS, BRUISES!” erupted from every which way. The song ended, and Sean stepped up to the mic.

Screaming “Happy Halloween!”, his face assumed the regular ‘Sean face’ that everyone knew.

“Yeah guys! You having fun?” Joined in Chris, while secretly mouthing ”Mosh Pit!” to their friends in the front, right next to us. (Of course, this fact didn’t become apparent to us until a video camera came smashing down on my best friend’s head, and the staff had to break up the two-second-long mosh pit.)

After a few more songs, technical dificulties, camera-dancing, and amazing stage antics that only these five boys could bring, it was time for their closing song. And we all knew what was coming.

Motioning with his head, Sean told Boulay to fix his mic, causing him to miss the first few words of the song (which we proudly helped with.) “Careful, Your Fangs Are Showing“, always a fan-favorite, led every Fallacy fan into the night. Boulay’s voice was very well complimented with Sean’s screaming addition of “BLOOD RED! BLOOD RED! BLOOD RED!” and Chris’ joining in shouting “STANDING! BY MY! SIDE! STANDING! BY MY! SIDE!” To make this, by far, the best song of their seven-song set.

“We are Fallacy! Goodnight!”