A long awaited update; Definition of Emo/Screamo.


  1. Music genre characterized by it’s trendy, mellow, emotive, and sometimes more intellectual and complicated sound.


  1. Emotional post-hardcore music. Has a fast off beat sound, with screaming and an often dark mood.
  2. A mixture of “Emo” music with screamed (rather than, or as well as, sung) vocal parts.

Contrary to popular belief, it’s not easy to describe “Screamo/Emo” music, and the “lifestyle” that come hand-in-hand. Most people characterize the “Emo-kids” as being overly-depressed, whiny, and addicted to the woeful lifestyle that seems to constanty haunt them. But, most all that is said about these kids are just harsh stereotypes. Not all labeled ’emo-kids’ are constantly whining about their overly depressive lives. Emo is just a type of music; a way of life for some.

Emo is more a lighter type of music, which often has very well-written and emotional lyrics, while screamo is a heavier version of it’s Emo roots. There’s still the element of emotional, well-written lyrics, but along with that there’s screaming involved.

Not much else is to be said about Emo/Screamo music. It’s one of the rare, amazing genres of music that is difficult to describe, and easier to understand by taking the time to listen.

Example(s) of “Screamo Bands”:

Hawthorne Heights: A screamo band formed in Ohio, they now have a record deal with Victory Records.

Example(s) of “Emo bands”:

Something Corporate: A Cali-based emo band, known for their “Piano Rock.” Signed to Geffen Records.

20 thoughts on “A long awaited update; Definition of Emo/Screamo.

  1. i so totally understand what you say, i get called “emo” at school..but its just cause i listen to a different type of music to them.

  2. I so get it. I love it. I get called emo at school all the time but *shrug* I’m a cross of goth and emo. EMO KICKS ASS!

  3. i like how everybody comments on my article & says how they get called ’emo’ at school all the time.

    the funny thing is, i get called emo all the time, too.

    i honestly don’t take it offensively.
    mainly ’cause half the people saying it don’t know what they’re even talking about.

  4. your wrong.

    your dead on with your emo definition.

    but what you classify as screamo is actually called ’emo-core’

    screamo is something entirely different. bands like ‘hot cross’ and ‘circle takes the square’ are SCREAMO. bands like ‘from first to last’ and ‘thursday’ are EMO-CORE. read up on it, and try to see the difference.

    and yes, i get called an emo fag too.

  5. Wel I think I get it but so when people call you emo they’re stupid because the way you descibe this emo music doesn’t have to be depressing. anyways peole shouldn’t be cassified by their music interest. Music is my life but it’s still like a hobby or interest . I say just don’t classify people. I don’t know though cause clothing is a whole other story.

  6. yeah… um… poeple called me emo, so I wanted to know what it was. I still don’t get why they call me that. I’m a happy person… I think…

  7. Emo comes from EMOtion or EMOtional For all you dingbats that didnt know(just kidding about the dingbat)
    Emo/Screamo Is the best Genre of rock Ever

  8. is coheed and cambria emo/screamo? i thought they were progressive rock.

    and now im lost. what subgenre do their music really belong?

    hope anyone will reply. thanks! 🙂

  9. emo’s sux ass !! i wish we could eradicate this plauge on our planet known as the “emo”

  10. What are you emo kids whining about anyway? Is it because you bleed tears and ride the icarus and emo/screamo is the worst genre of music in fact it should be denied status as a genre

  11. um, hawthorn heights is NOT screamo and anyone who thinks that obviously doesnt know wut they’re talking about.

  12. yeah its ok your definition but fftl is screamo and post hardcore no emo-core!!i get called emo or screamo the whole fuckin time

  13. yeah, i geuss
    im really emo, and i sorta agree with this
    but, im not overly emotional
    besides that, this is pretty accurate

  14. emos/screamos/chemos wotever the hell u all decide to call urself , ur all scum
    end off
    listen to sumfin decent
    maiden , ‘tallica, sumfing
    anything other then MCR n the rest or the razor blade brigade

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