The Beatles : LOVE

On A Beatles Kick

I picked up the new Beatles release Love this afternoon and am completely blown away. The 26 tracks on the album have been completely remixed. You’ve never heard The Beatles sound so good. If you are a Beatles fan, this album is a MUST LISTEN TO.

One odd thing about the album though. For some reason, I was unable to rip it into iTunes to pull it into my iPod. The disc just wasn’t able to be read properly. I wound up finally pulling out the old Gateway Windows machine and ripping the disc to MP3’s at the highest quality, moving them onto our network server, pulling them down to the Mac, and importing them into iTunes that way.

I don’t recall ever seeing this happen before – where a disc cannot be read by the Mac at all but is fully rippable through Windows Media Player (I tried iTunes on Windows as well to no avail). I looked around, and couldn’t find any reference to anyone else having problems with iTunes. Weird.

Anyway, the album is phenomenal and I highly recommend it. While I was at it, I picked up The Beatles 1 as well. Its amazing how completely timeless the music they produced is.