Kelsi’s Kiss Review – 1998

Kelsi / Kiss / 8 Years old

The Kiss Reunion Concert 1998 – A Review By Kelsi Bieber 

At the beginning of the concert they sang my favorite song, Psycho Circus! Then during the middle of the concert, Paul Stanley went across the whole audience on a rope!

Then Peter Criss went all the way up in the air with his drums! Then, during his guitar solo, Ace Frehley made his guitar blow up but it was fine.   Then he made his guitar fly like a Rocket. It flew to the top of the stage. Then the lights went out.

Then he had his guitar! Gene Simmons spit out blood all over his guitar.

At the end of the concert, almost the end of the Concert Paul Stanley broke his guitar on the stage floor. I loved the concert and it was the best one I ever saw.

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