Guitar Noodling

This is a place where I can keep all of the snapshots of the noodling I do as I continue to learn the guitar. The mp3 files here will serve as snapshots of my progress at the time of their posting.

Each item will have a link to the MP3, and the date of the file, which will link to the posting that describes what was going on when I posted it, if there was anything.

Hopefully as time goes by the playing will sound better

Current Clips

Other Guitar Related Stuff

4 thoughts on “Guitar Noodling

  1. Hey, I came on your webpage just by searching out some stuff on the band Nazareth. I’m from Nipawin, SK, Canada. I also play some guitar, you’re doing pretty good. As for the Da Vinci Code, man it’s only frustrating because scholars and regular people alike take it for a fact. Even the History Channel.

  2. Hi I’m a guitar enthusiast myself also, I like your progress so far. I’ve been playing now since April 05 but I’ve progressed really well. I found your site on a random search for Randy Rhoads and it’s good to find fellow learners. Send me an e-mail I love to talk about guitars!

  3. Mr. Crowley is my favorite Ozzy song. Who knows what Randy Rhodes could have been. You do a pretty good copy of the lead!

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