Smokeblogging: Smoking Update for March

I’ve been having a really rough time over the last week keeping myself from smoking. I still haven’t, but it has been a real struggle.

What is worse though, is that when I mention this to people I get a response a lot like this tweet from Chris Jones via Twitter:

@rbieber ugggh dude i relapsed after 3 years 😦 (of no smoking)

I hear this a lot. People relapse after a really long time of not smoking. I’ve heard from 3 to 9 to even 20 years.

So Chris is not alone. So obviously I start to question.

Isn’t life too short to worry about things you “shouldn’t” be doing? Do I really want to spend the rest of my life obsessing about something like this, only to know that its inevitable that I go back? If the ultimate result is failure, than what is the point?

Its really tough for non-smokers to get this – but every smoker (or ex-smoker) understands these questions.

This is definitely a hard habit to break and there is a lot of evidence of failure all around you.

4 thoughts on “Smokeblogging: Smoking Update for March

  1. I would be willing to guess anyone who has had an addiction would understand what you are saying. You will always be a smoker and that is the hard part of the whole thing. You will never be able to change that, you just need to develop better habits that result in feelings that are as strong as the ones you had when you were smoking. That takes time.

    Ok end Tom being Dr. Drew. Stay Strong.

  2. The worst thing about smoking is that it does not effect your behavior like heroin does. If that was the case, it would be easy to quit. You look stupid because you cannot function.

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