WordPress 2.5 Upgrade Painless – Really!

Yesterday I read that the 2.5 version of WordPress was officially released. The cautious part of me wanted to wait to upgrade, but the totally paranoid and non-lazy part wanted to just get it over with. I had read a few mentions of incompatibility, but I decided to just bite the bullet and upgrade.

I hunkered down at my desk, did database and filesystem backups, downloaded the 2.5 release and untarred to my blog directory. Typed in the URL and — poof — there was the blog. Did smoke testing of all the plugins and they worked – every one of them. I was literally done in about 5 minutes.

I don’t think I’ve had an upgrade that wasn’t painful in some way in a long time. This one was nothing. It just worked.

So anyway, long way to say I’m on WordPress 2.5 now. I was shocked at the ease of the upgrade. Later in the day, I saw all kinds of tweets around other people upgrading and having the same fulfilling sense of surprise when they realized they were done.

Thanks to the WordPress team for another great (and uneventful) release.

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