I received this email from a former employee today:

I was reading a book recently, called “The Goal” as I was flying to California. It is about a big turnaround in a manufacturing plant in less than 3 months.

It is a very nicely worded book. The reason I am writing this mail is because there is one character in that book, Jonah – a professor – and he is a management consultant and the kind of questions he asks the main character Alex, the Plant manager are sufficient for him to ‘click’.

It was so interesting and I was smiling whenever Jonah showed up in the book since he reminded me of you, the way you would ask me something when I used to work for you.

If you get a chance do read that book. The book is basically about removing bottlenecks in operations.

Its nice to feel like you made a difference. I would never describe myself as a Jonah, but its nice to know someone would.

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