SmokeBlogging: The Night Before

Ok, tonight’s the last night of smoking. Tomorrow I start being smoke free.

I’ve given over the last two packs of cigarettes I have to Jonna – she’ll try to get rid of them tomorrow at work rather than throw them away (they’re expensive!).

I’m kind of encouraged by my mood yesterday and today. It was really dark. That is a very good thing, because that means that last nights post did what I thought it would. I committed in public, so there is no going “eh, maybe tomorrow”. Public commitment is a bitch.

Kelsi is really happy. She’s waited for this for some time. Jonna and I talked briefly today about it during lunch and she is looking forward to me spending less time in the garage – me too.

I’m getting ready for the trip to Orlando tomorrow. It should be interesting. Trip to the airport in the car that I have been smoking in non-stop for 3 years. I smoke when I’m bored – that includes the usual 1:15 commute – each way. Maybe I’ll drive with the windows open – it was 58 today.

More tomorrow. I should be in a GREAT mood.

1 thought on “SmokeBlogging: The Night Before

  1. Good luck. Are you going cold turkey or using something like the patch to help out. Actually if you’re determined, you can do it on your own.

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