Leopard Upgrade Completed

Well, I got my MacBook updated to Leopard last night. I chose to upgrade over Tiger, despite reading quite a few articles recommending against it like this one. Truth be told, I read those articles after the upgrade process had already been started – so it was kind of too late to turn back.

I’ve had few issues. Leopard did wipe out my printer settings that I worked so hard to figure out (this apparently happened to others as well). I thought there was some extra magic that I had to do, as I set up the printer last night multiple times with no ability to print. As I started to look at it this morning, it wound up the Windows machine went to sleep. Once I woke it up, the printer worked fine. I suppose this would have been an easy thing to check last night but I stopped work and went to bed, opting to let Spotlight and Time Machine do their thing while I got some sleep.

All of my applications seem to work fine. I did have to reinstall the FeedBurner Dashboard Widget, and Twidget seems to be a little flaky, but honestly I can’t tell right now if its the widget or Twitter itself. I also had to update the Cisco VPN Client to version, which I found on MacUpdate.

Overall though, everything looks fine. My impression of Leopard over Tiger at this stage can be best characterized in one word: “eh”. Time Machine is cool and I can see it will make my life much easier than manually backing things up to my external drive. Coverflow in the Finder is cool, but I can’t see a practical use for it. Spaces will be great, if I can figure out how to use it.

I guess its fair to say I just haven’t spent much time with it yet. Time will tell whether it was worth it or not. I’m just glad the machine booted.

2 thoughts on “Leopard Upgrade Completed

  1. Just wanted to let you know that I also upgraded to Leopard and my upgrade went smoothly. I pre-ordered it and it arrived last Saturday.

  2. Here’s the final words from a long review: http://arstechnica.com/reviews/os/mac-os-x-10-5.ars/17

    In short, the biggest news is the stuff behind the scenes.

    I tend to agree.

    That said, I’m at a junction with Apple I think. I want to buy a decked out MacPro when the new quad cores are available. Unfortunately, a good deal of my software is still Java based and I need to be able to develop.

    Java 6 is really late and now, the beta has disappeared, Apple is supposedly removing discussions about it, etc, etc, etc.

    If Apple does end up shelving Java support I either have to move off or hope 8 cores makes parallels really usable side by side with the mac software.

    The situation is depressing me 😦

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