Camping Season Over – Relaxation Unit Close Up.

While camping season technically goes until next weekend, due to Homecoming activities with the kids and the like we had to close up the relaxation unit this last weekend. This has been our first year “camping” and I’ve gotten some interesting learnings from it:

  • Social networking is a lot more fun when the community congregates in person on a regular basis. We met a lot of really nice people this summer and have made friends that we would not have made otherwise.
  • I never realized how much of my weekends were spent working until I stopped doing it to go to the camper. This was probably the first summer in my career that I did not have a computer with me during the weekend. I have to say it was nice, even though it was a grim reminder of how much I used to get done on the weekends due to lack of time during the week. Scheduled time with Jonna and the kids was definitely something I don’t want to miss out on anymore though.
  • I’m lucky in that I have inlaws that I really like hanging around with. Half the fun of the summer was being able to spend quality time with them.
  • I’m more prone to do stuff around the house if the scale is smaller. Totally didn’t mind mowing the lawn at the camper this year.
  • I suck at building fires. If I was the Tom Hanks in Castaway I would have died the first week.
  • No band sucks that bad if you have enough beer around.
  • The Beer Hammer is probably the best invention since the wheel.

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